Experience Christmas Magic

with an Elf Penpal.

Grab 10% off Today and Join the Club that nurture your child's imagination with letters from their very own Christmas Elf

Santa Claus and his Christmas elves are busy getting ready for Christmas and they'd love to hear from you!  Whilst the true location of Santa's workshop is a very big secret, some of the elves would love to write a weekly letter to your child telling you all about their adventures at the North Pole and enlist your help to make Christmas magical again!  There are Christmas themed puzzles to do, colouring cards to collect and even special craft activities!  You can even write back to your elf penpal!

Here's how to get started:

Choose Your Elf

We have boy and girl elves ready to write to your child. Click here to find your elf.

Make Elf-Purchase

Pay for your Elf Subscription and wait for your confirmation over t'internet via elf-mail. Exciting!

Fill out the Elfanaire

We need to know a few details about your child to write to them (held securely) and all of our elves are vetted

Get Excited!  

We use the big red vans to dispatch your elf letters so be sure to watch out for a delivery coming your way!

The Christmas Elf Penpal Club

It's not just for Christmas; you're now part of a special family of believers.

By signing your child up to receive a letter from an elf, you also join our Christmas Elf Penpal Club with exclusive offers, tips and festive goodies!

About Me.

My name is Jingle and I work in the Naughty & Nice List Squad for Santa.  I am very hard working and read all of your letters!  You can write to my friends Happy (who works in the Letter Processing Plant -tres important) or Jolly who work in Reindeer Operations (sounds grand but really he spends a lot of time shovelling reindeer poo - yuk!)

We love hearing from you

Peter Strauss


" I wish I'd had an elf pen pal when I was little. My Charlie loves getting his letter."

Julia Stewart


" My little girl Lottie loves the craft activities and the quest.  She tells all her friends."

Encourage. Inspire. Educate.

Your Christmas Elf Penpal Club encourages and inspires your child's fabulous imagination with reading and writing skills in every letter we send. 

Once we've received your paid subscription, your elf will introduce themselves with a welcome pack filled with Christmas goodies, then help your elf collect all of their friends as you help them with their quest. 

Your elf will need your help to make Christmas magic again!   Can you help make people believe?

Discover Magic this Christmas with letters from your own Elf Penpal.

Let's Inspire and delight your child by signing up for the Christmas Elf Penpal Club.  Grab your 10% Coupon today.