About Us

Dear Parent, Grandparent, Auntie, Uncle, Guardian or Friend!

You’ve probably arrived here because you have a special little person in mind.

Just picture them now… arriving at the doormat to find a little green envelope.  They have a curious expression on their face as they see the letter is addressed to THEM!  They can’t believe it is for them, yet pick it up turning to you with a question in their eyes.  Is this really for me?

You might shrug and a smile of excitement reaches every corner of their face as they realise that it’s nothing to do with you.  So who could it be from?

They carefully open it or maybe they rip it open, it doesn’t matter.

Inside is a very special personalised letter from their very own Christmas elf penpal!

When I was a small boy, I lived for Christmas and I remember my grandad taking me to the Christmas grottos to meet Santa.  It was so magical and joyful and I loved meeting the elves and having little chit chats with them about what was going on at the North Pole.

I would have loved my own elf penpal and now you can because we talked to Santa and he said some of the little girls and boys can receive letters directly from the North Pole!

Imagination is one of the most amazing and important things that helps with a child’s development.  It helps bolster social skills, make new friends and challenge the intellect.  Don’t you remember pretending a set of chairs was a big spaceship or playing an imaginary game of hide and seek from the big monster or creating a den out of sheets and pillows?

As we get older we become more grounded in the real world but if we try hard I think WE can remember the magic of make believe!  We believe the skill of imagination nurtures our children, unleashes creativity, grows their ability to bond and prepares them for the world

W.H. Auden said “the way to read a fairy tale is to throw yourself in’.

The Christmas Elf Penpal Club taps into your child’s imagination and brings it alive with weekly letters from their Christmas elf.  Whilst improving reading and writing skills, our aim is to bring the spirit of Christmas alive and create magic and joy through the power of imagination.  By encouraging this, we see joy passed from your child to their friends.

Our amazing children are surrounded by noise, adverts and television that don’t allow them to create their own worlds.  We know children are capable of brilliant, wacky and even weird imaginations but only if we give them space and time to create this for themselves.

It's not always about seeing but it’s about believing. That's how our elves help spread Christmas cheer and magic for your child through the Christmas Elf Penpal Club.

We nurture and encourage your child’s imagination through weekly letters, colouring cards and Christmas themed activities.  They can even write back to their penpal!

I really hope your child loves it as much as I do.  Our elves are standing by with their first letter … until then.

Lots of love, Papa Elf (Head Elf Liaison) xxx

Meet Our Elves

We're a merry bunch and want to say hi to you all.

For your comfort and safety, our administration team has enhanced DBS checks and all of our elves have been vetted!


Matthew Moody

Founder and all-time Christmas fan, Papa Elf writes all of our stories and letters and usually has a Christmas CD playing in the background year-round!

He loves walking in the great outdoors, playing his guitar and singing a song or two and has just discovered the 'Lego Winter' series - ooooo.



Heidi is our Elf administration expert, she makes sure Papa Elf is organised and helps to get all your magical letters out on time!

Heidi is also an expert balloon modeller, face painter and musical statues champion; she loves singing, especially Christmas songs and will often start humming ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ as early as June.



Hey, I’m Lisa, the social media wizard. I love the creative and magical side of the festive season and love to generate new ideas to help keep the magic alive for children.

I love spending time with my family, nieces and nephews and helping their imaginations grow.

Discover Magic this Christmas with a weekly letter from your very own Elf Penpal