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It's Time To Choose Your Elf

Happy the girl elf

Happy works in the Letter Processing Department and ensures your letters are read!

jolly the boy elf

Jolly works in Reindeer Operations and loves to keep the reindeer looking amazing!

Join The Christmas Elf Penpal Club Today

For a limited time, we're offering your child the special opportunity to get all of the below from only £24.99 (£16.99 without our magical elf door)

Welcome Package*

In your child's welcome package is their very own Elf door + Paints plus a letter from your elf, colouring cards, activity sheet and a special surprise!

* dependent on package

Personalised Letters

Every week your child will get a personalised letter from their elf with news and stories from North Pole Village.  And they can write back!

* 5 week packages available

The Three E's

Our aim is to encourage your child through these winter months whilst enspire them to do little quests and educate with reading, writing and maths through our carefully selected activities.

Discover Magic this Christmas with a weekly letter from your very own Elf Penpal