What’s Included

'Do not grow old, no matter how long you live.  Never cease to stand like curious children before the Great Mystery into which we are born'

- Albert Einstein

The essence of Christmas is imagination, magic and a sprinkle of something special

It is not always about seeing, it is about knowing.  If we truly believe, then we know. That's where the Christmas magic comes from and where our elves help spread Christmas cheer for your child.  

Did your elf leave a little note?  Was that your elf chortling as the letter box shuts?  Did you see some tiny footprints near the door?  Was that swoosh your elf flying away?  All this and more is what we bring to your child this Christmas and beyond.

Imagine the excitement...

... as your child waits by the door eagerly awaiting a little green envelope to land on their doormat addressed to them, sent by a secret Christmas elf.  Is that a sprinkle of Christmas magic in the air?  Was that whoosh in the wind your elf flying back home?

Encourage. Inspire. Educate.

Every week your child will receive a letter to help them improve their reading and writing skills from their very own elf penpal.  Your child's elf will introduce themselves with a welcome pack full of Christmas goodies, then help your elf spread Christmas cheer by completing special elf-quests and activities.  Your elf is going to need your help to make Christmas magic again!  Can you help make people believe?

Main Benefits

Our Christmas Elf Penpal Club is all about helping your child by encouraging them, inspiring them and educating them on the wonder and magic of Christmas.

Improve Mental Health

In these testing times, all children need connection and the ability to take a break.  Our Penpal Club allows them to escape into a magical world where joy is ever present.

Encourage and Entertain

With puzzles, quizzes, activities and craft items for your kids to have a go at, they will never be at a loss for something to do.  And our stories provide a perfect blend of entertainment.

Educate through Play

Not every child enjoys learning by rote.  Our Penpal Club has been created to allow them to learn new skills and concepts but through a lovely Christmas wonderland experience.

One Elf-Tastic Price For All This

letter packs letter packs letter packs!

5 Week Series



Receive 5 lovely letters from your elf penpal (plus a special surprise on Christmas week)

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5 Week Series + Elf Door



Receive 5 lovely letters from your elf penpal + our very special elf door welcome package full of goodies (and a special surprise on Christmas week)

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Kids T-Shirt



Wear your own Christmas Elf Penpal t-shirt with pride.

Go on you know you want one.

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when do i receive the letters?

Your first letter will be received in the week you place your order.  Then you will receive a further 4-7 letters (depending on packaged) spaced one week apart with the last letter sent the week after Christmas.

do you provide everything for my child?

We provide lots of fun activities for your child to do but we will need your help to source a few small items.  All of our activity sheets can be performed without any additional resources apart from a pencil but the craft activities will have a list of items that will be required in order to make them.  You will receive this list via elf-mail one week in advance of your child's letter landing on their doormat.

what if i don't like my child's penpal?

Our elves have been specially selected to write to your child and will do their utmost to provide fun, stories and magic to inspire your child.  If you are unhappy in anyway, please contact us and we will do our utmost to put a smile back on your face.

do you have any reviews?

This is a new magical offering for the Christmas season and we regret that due to the very personalised and seasonal nature of this offering, our Elves only have a few reviews so far .  But we are working on getting more!  And we have some lovely ones on our facebook page.

Our team have over 25 years experience in creating amazing experiences, events and content to wow, inspire and educate people of all ages.  Please take a chance on us and let us wow your child this Christmas.

Discover Magic this Christmas with a weekly letter from your very own Elf Penpal